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HiSET Reading and Writing


with Phil Wormuth

Calendar Current session started Sep 11, 2023

HiSET Reading and Writing: fine tune your reading and writing skills for both of these HiSET tests. 

The HiSET Reading test includes a variety of non-fiction, informational texts.  Test questions will focus on reading comprehension, interpretation, and analysis.  In class, we target building skills for identifying main ideas, support details, organizational styles, and vocabulary.  Class discussions will help you develop skills in interpreting different writing styles.

The HiSET Writing test requires you to write an essay and answer multiple choice questions centered on editing and revising sentences.  The multiple-choice section includes spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence organization.

Whether you think of yourself of a beginner writer or an accomplished writer, we can help you fine tune your writing for HiSET success. We focus on the writing process: developing your thoughts, creating a draft, editing, and revising.  As you edit your writing, you will also review rules of writing for the multiple-choice section of the test.

We will also talk about test taking strategies and overcoming test anxiety.

More details on the HiSET Reading test: 65 minutes - this is the shortest HiSET test. There are 50 multiple-choice questions.

More details on the HiSET Writing test: 120 minutes (2 hours) to complete 60 multiple choice questions and write an argumentative essay.  The essay requires you to respond to a question (giving your opinion) comparing two articles.

HiSET Math


with To Be Announced

Calendar Current session started Sep 11, 2023 at 12:45 pm

Learn new math skills and brush up on the basics in order to pass the HiSET Math test.  Work with your instructor to target any gaps in your math knowledge and learn new skills.  The HiSET math includes: number operations, measurement, geometry, data analysis, probability, and algebra. In addition to math skills, we focus on test taking skills and breaking down math and test anxiety. 

A little about the HiSET math test:
The HiSET math test is 50 multiple choice questions; you have 90 minutes to complete the test.  We provide a calculator, a formula sheet, and scrap paper and pencils.  You can take the HiSET on paper or on the computer.  Most people prefer taking the test on computer. You receive your score immediately on the computer. It can take up to two weeks to get your scores if you take the test on paper.

All students take practice tests before taking the official HiSET tests; there is no cost for taking the HiSET in Maine.



Geometry Through Art


with To Be Announced

Calendar Current session started Sep 12, 2023 at 9 am

Right brain meets left brain.  Students will use their interest and/or talent of art while learning key concepts of shapes, angles, similarity and congruence in Geometry.  Art provides a different approach for learning math. 

Demonstrate your understanding of math skills through a variety of art projects. Class will be a combination of instruction, group, and individual work.  At the end of the course, students will have a project presentation of displaying all of their artwork.  Diploma students can earn one credit in either math or art.

Civics / US Gov
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Civics / US Gov


with Phil Wormuth

Calendar Current session started Sep 12, 2023 at 2:30 pm, runs for 17 weeks

What is the American Dream?  Explore a series of real-life, U.S. historical case studies that chronicle a variety of groups and individuals in their quest to achieve social justice and equal treatment under the law.  Learn about how the US government works to create laws and how your voice matters when we can participate in our governing system.  Discuss, research, and write about the roots of US social history and government. 

Students earn a high school credit in Civics / US Government for completion of this course.

Please call us to register for this class:  207-422-4794.

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